Maxtern Claims Money Influence FIR: Urges Haryana CM for Action Against Elvish Yadav

Maxtern Claims Money Influence FIR: In a shocking turn of events, popular content creator Maxtern has come forward with allegations of money influencing the filing of an FIR. Maxtern recounts a physical altercation with fellow creator Elvish Yadav, expressing concern about Elvish’s negative influence on youth and promotion of violence. Urging Haryana CM Khattar and Gurugram police to take action, Maxtern calls upon the public to join him in seeking justice. Discover the details of this ongoing controversy and Maxtern’s quest for accountability.

Maxtern Exposes the Influence of Money on FIRs

In a recent development, Maxtern has shed light on a concerning issue: the influence of money on the filing of FIRs. Expressing his concern about Elvish Yadav’s negative impact on the youth and the promotion of violence, Maxtern has appealed to the public to join him in urging Haryana CM Khattar and the Gurugram police to take swift action against Elvish Yadav.

The incident that sparked this call for action involved Elvish Yadav sharing the home address of an individual for a meeting. Maxtern, relying on his instincts, intended to address the matter through dialogue rather than confrontation. However, things took an unexpected turn when Elvish Yadav, accompanied by his friends, physically assaulted Maxtern. Despite being outnumbered and restrained, Maxtern stood his ground and refused to apologize, asserting that he had done nothing wrong.

Following the altercation, Maxtern faced hurdles in seeking medical attention and filing an FIR. He was denied treatment at a hospital without an accompanying FIR, and attempts to file the FIR at the police station were met with refusal. This has raised concerns about the fairness and integrity of the legal system. To bring attention to this issue and ensure that Elvish Yadav faces legal consequences for his actions, Maxtern has called upon the public to support him by tagging Haryana CM and Gurugram police on social media, urging them to take action.

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